3d Printer Parts

Aluminium Extruder Upgrade

A quick and effective upgrade to your stock plastic 3d printer extruder.  This extruder has a much improved filament grip and is made from durable aluminium.  Compatible with the Nema 17 stepper motor and designed for integration with a Bowden feed system. 

 Note: Nema stepper motor NOT included

3d printer extruder
Aluminium Extruder - £7.99
z coupler, stepper motor coupler
Stepper Motor Coupler - £6.49

Stepper Motor Flexible Coupling

3d printer printer stepper motor flexible coupling/coupler in packs of 2 x couplers. A flexible coupler to allow the drive of the stepper motor to translate to the 3d printer lead screw whilst allowing for a degree of flexibility.

3d printer parts