M3DP Summer Spectacular Sale Now On!

Save…Save…Save… Discounts on all Filament and Print Surfaces/Build Plates Here at Mad About 3D Printing we thought it was about time we had a little sale.  So, as a thank you to all our customers we have discounted all of our 3D Printer Filament and Print Surfaces (including the Mamorubot Build Plates). Check out our…

Great News

Something to Say Thank You.. Here at Mad About 3D Printing would like to say a great big thank you to all our customers.  We started this journey to release a brilliant new product to the UK (The Mamorubot Polypropylene Build Plate). Now with the release of the V2.0 build plate (available in 310 x…

Something Wonderful – The New Mamorubot SX-4 3D Printer

So.. After putting together and running the first print on the new Mamorubot SX-4 corexy 3d printer I have thrown together a little video to show you all just how easy and how good it is. I am impressed, and for $800… so should you.. build volume: 400x400x500mm Auto Bed Levelling (Genuine BLTouch) All Metal…

matteforge 3d printer filament

New Colours of the MatteForge Advanced Pro-Filament Now in Stock

Hi everyone This is just a really quick update to let you know we have some new colours (new to our site) of the most excellent MatteForge Advanced line of PLA filament.  As usual these are 1.75mm 1KG rolls and are £29.99 with FREE DELIVERY. Check them out yourself.

matteforge 3d printer filament

MatteForge Filament – MatteForge Advanced Pro-Filament

Now that our on-line store is open and the Mamorubot Polypropylene Build Plates are selling like hot cakes I thought I would test out the Matteforge Filament line.  My machine is still printing and it looks good so far.  The first layer goes down perfect at 215 degrees C with the Mamorubot Polypropylene Build Plate…

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