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Mad About 3D Printing Update

Hello everyone.  Just a quick update for all of you who have been interested in the Mamorubot Polypropylene Build Plate.

The first UK stock of build plates is due to arrive in the UK on 11th February.  Soon after that they should be available to buy.  We have a varied selection of build plate sizes arriving.  These are 165 x 165 mm, 200 x 200 mm, 310 x 310 mm, 410 x 410 mm and 510 x 510 mm (prices, together with P&P, are shown on out website https://madabout3dprinting.co.uk).

We have a reservations list of those of you who messaged us wanting to pre-order a plate so don’t worry, once we have the stock in place we will message you to let you know.  If you haven’t reserved a plate then you can do so my messaging us here at Mad About 3D Printing by emailing us at support@madabout3dprinting.co.uk or by messaging us via FaceBook.

The 310/410 and 510mm plates will come in the premium storage box as standard.

If you haven’t already see it, there is a little video on our website of the plate in action.  You can view it here.  It really is a great printing option to use.

We also have our first stock of the new and innovative MatteForge Advanced Pro-Filament in and ready to go (PLA 1.75mm 1Kg in Black, Grey and White).  This filament has been specifically designed to reduce the visibility of layer lines, even at thicker settings and to leave a wonderful matte finish.  Take a look for yourself on our site.  This filament is a premium filament and comes with free delivery.  We have a video of this great filament in action.  Click here to see it.

The Mad About 3D Printing web-site is nearly there.  We will update you again once the stock is in and the shop is open.  Until then feel free to look around our site and share it on Facebook to let other 3d printing enthusiasts know.


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