Factory Imperfects – Sold As Seen

Mamorubot Polypropylene 3D Printer Build Plates – Factory Imperfects

 At Mad About 3D Printing we understand that all 3d printers are different and there is a wide choice of 3d printer build plates available for you to use.

These build plates are FACTORY IMPERFECTS. They contain scratches and/or other cosmetic defects. However, they are still flat and functional. Being FACTORY IMPERFECTS they are “sold as seen” and as such have no refund or return option.

The good news is these plates are greatly discounted with 50% off the retail price and are ideal if you wanted to test one out before buying a full price plate.

*Images for illustrations purposes only

build plate sold out
200 x 200mm Plate - 50% off - was £19.99. Now - £10.00
3d printer build plate, polypropylene build plate, mamorubot, mada bout 3d printing
310 x 310mm Plate - 50% off - was £29.99. Now - £15.00
build plate sold out
410 x 410mm Plate - 50% off - was £39.99. Now - £20.00
build plate sold out
510 x 510mm Plate - 50% off - was £44.99. Now - £22.50

Check out the Mamorubot Polypropylene Build Plates in action… HERE

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