MatteForge Filament – MatteForge Advanced Pro-Filament

Now that our on-line store is open and the Mamorubot Polypropylene Build Plates are selling like hot cakes I thought I would test out the Matteforge Filament line.  My machine is still printing and it looks good so far.  The first layer goes down perfect at 215 degrees C with the Mamorubot Polypropylene Build Plate set at 70-75 degrees.  The look of the filament as it extrudes is lovely and matte (just like MatteForge state).  It really does look good going down.  I’m printing the black Pro-Filament, 1.75mm onto the Mamorubot Plate using a v6 clone hot end, stock extruder and using a keenovo heat pad adapted bed (oh, if you are looking at these.. they are fantastic.  literally seconds to get to 70 degrees and stays there so easily.  Top temp so far for me was 138 degrees – testing – and it took a little over 4 minutes).  I’ll keep you all posted how it turns out as this filament could be a winner.

MatteForge Advanced Pro-Filament available to buy here


  1. M3DP - Reply

    Update: The MatteForge Advanced filament is selling fast (no wonder as it is a most excellent filament both in quality, print-ability and end result). So fast we are looking at ordering another consignment in already (and it’s only been up for sale for 48 hours).

    If you would like to know anything about this wonderful filament, please view the product pages, where there is a wonderful video from the makers of MatteForge showing what it can do.

    I’m currently printing another model using the MatteForge Advanced PLA in black and just love it. I can’t wait to see the grey coloured filament printing (though at this rate it will all go before I get a chance).

  2. M3DP - Reply

    Great news – new stock of the MatteForge Advanced Pro-Filament expected to arrive today, including the Blue coloured filament too. Check back later for stock updates. Don’t forget – FREE DELIVERY on all MatteForge Filaments.

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