Adhesive Print Surface 220 x 220mm

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The Mamorubot adhesive print surface

An effective adhesive print  surface for your 3d printer.  Simply peel off the sticker on the back and apply to your print bed.  This print bed surface adheres well to most 3d printing filament types without the need for any other adhesive aids.  Remove the printed part while still warm.

Ideal for 3d printers that do not have a heated print bed.

Contents: 2 x Adhesive print surfaces 220 x 220 mm

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Product features

220 x 220 mm

Contents: 2 x adhesive print surface sheets


Single sheet design with fewer bubbles than tape or films and installs more quickly on top of existing build platform

Compatible with ABS, PLA, wood and many other 3d printing filament tyes

Additional adhesive aids like tape, glue stick or hairspray not required to obtain print adhesion

Printed part can be easily removed when finished and the print is still warm

Apply to your print bed using the 3M adhesive layer

Delivery: 3 – 5 days



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