Ladybird Red – 1.75mm

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Mad About 3D Printing are proud to announce our new line of PLA 3D printer filament.  Made here in the UK to promote the UK market and available to you with FREE DELIVERY.  Ladybird Red is one of our first Filament colours we have released.  This deep red filament extrudes really easily and is removed without effort once the build surface/plate has cooled.  A real bargain and superb option for a basic PLA type filament.



Material PLA filament

Diameter 1.75mm + or – 0.06mm

Filament Weight 1 Kg Gross

Print Temperature 180 – 220°C

Bed temperature 40-70°C or unheated

works lovely with the Mamorubot Polypropylene Build Plate or Adhesive print surfaces

Mad About 3D Printing are environment aware and as such this filament comes on a environmentally reclaimable cardboard/steel based spool. 

Spool Specifications:

75 mm W

180 mm D

35 mm Axle

Card & Steel Construction

Airtight Bag with desiccant

Always dispose of the desiccant responsibly



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