Mamorubot Polypropylene 3D Printer Build Plate 510 x 510mm – Factory Imperfect

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The Mamorubot Polypropylene Build Plate is a 3d printer build plate to be used instead of glass, mirror beds or adhesive surfaces.  No more need for any adhesive aids like glue stick, tape, hairspray or ABS juice.  Just fit to your printer bed, heat up the print bed and print.  Once your print has finished allow to cool and remove the print with ease by hand.

see description for further details.

Plate dimension: 510 x 510mm

DELIVERY – £8.99

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 Mamorubot Polypropylene Build Plate – Factory Imperfect

This plate is a factory imperfect and as such will contain scratches, scuffs and/or tiny indentations. The plate is still flat, has the correct dimensions and will still provide the adhesion benefits many have come to love about the Mamorubot build plate. However, it does not quite meet our standards to sell at full price. This plate is sold on a “as seen” basis and is NOT covered by any returns/refunds policy. Do not purchase unless you understand and agree refunds/returns are not accepted.

This is an ideal option for those that wish to try out and learn to use the Mamorubot Polypropylene Build Plate for a fraction of the cost.

Photos of each plate available on request – email us at

50% off retail price

510 x 510 mm

No more wasting hours of your time using tape and low-quality build surfaces.

Made from a durable, rigid material with a long service life.

Consistent and reliable prints.

Strong adhesion properties firmly hold your parts to the bed while printing.

When your print is complete and the build plate has cooled, parts can be removed by hand.

Works extremely well with ABS, PLA, PETG, wood and many other types of filament.

Can be attached directly to your glass bed using clips or tape.


A heated bed is required when using this build plate.

Carefully level the print bed before printing.


1x Mamorubot  3D Printer build  plate packaged in a premium storage box

DELIVERY – £8.99

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