Roll Up, Roll Up – The Store is now Open

Mad About 3D Printing are Open For Business

It is with great pleasure I can tell you all that the Mad About 3D Printing on-line store is now open.


The Mamorubot Polypropylene Build Plates have arrived and are now available to buy.  We have various sizes (165 x 165 mm, 200 x 200 mm, 310 x 310 mm, 410 x 410 mm and 510 x 510 mm). If you’re looking through the site, take a peek at the MatteForge Advanced PLA 3d printer filament (1.75mm 1kg).  This filament really is good and with the name of MatteForge you can expect good quality (MatteForge are part of Steelman’s who make the famous Lokbuild 3d Print surface).

If you have any feedback or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at

If you like what you see please share our site using the FB share buttons on each page. I would also like to invite anyone who purchases any of our products to write a review to let other 3d print artists know all about them.

We hope to be serving you soon.

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