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New Colours of the MatteForge Advanced Pro-Filament Now in Stock

Hi everyone This is just a really quick update to let you know we have some new colours (new to our site) of the most excellent MatteForge Advanced line of PLA filament.  As usual these are 1.75mm 1KG rolls and are £29.99 with FREE DELIVERY. Check them out yourself.

The Potential of 3d Printing

So you’ve bought or are thinking of buying a 3d printer. Now you’re wondering ‘what can I actually print?’ In short, you can design and print anything your imagination can come up with. From bottle openers to a fully wearable Iron-man or Storm-trooper costume. The sky really is the limit. But don’t worry. You don’t…

3D Printer Filament

M3DP 1.75mm PLA – Nugget Gold – NEW SALE PRICE £13.50! – Free Delivery M3DP 1.75mm PLA – Daffodil Yellow – NEW SALE PRICE £13.50! – Free Delivery M3DP 1.75mm PLA – Candy Pink – NEW SALE PRICE £13.50! – Free Delivery M3DP 1.75mm PLA – Storm Grey – NEW SALE PRICE £13.50! – Free…

Print Surfaces

Mamorubot Adhesive Print Surface. A stick on adhesive print surface that is currently available in two sizes to fit 3d printers that do not have a heated bed. The Mamorubot 3d printer adhesive print surface has been specially designed to provide excellent print adhesion when not using a heated bed. The Mamorubot adhesive print surface…

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